The Benefits of Having a Lawyer Draft Your Will

Creating a will is a significant step in ensuring that your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your wishes after you’re gone. Whether your wealth is substantial or more modest, a well-drafted will is essential to safeguard your legacy. However, it’s not just about having a will; it’s about having a legally valid and comprehensive one. This is where the expertise of a lawyer can make all the difference.

Ensuring Legal Validity

In Saskatchewan, wills must meet specific legal criteria to be considered valid. An invalid will can lead to a host of problems, from your wishes not being carried out to increased estate administration costs. When you entrust a lawyer with the task of drafting your will, you can rest assured that it will meet all the necessary legal requirements, reducing the risk of any complications down the road. 

Customized Estate Planning

While creating a will is essential, it’s not the only aspect of effective estate planning. A lawyer specializing in estate matters can provide valuable insights into the best ways to pass on your assets to your loved ones. They’ll take the time to understand your unique situation, ensuring that your estate plan aligns with your specific goals and needs. 

Asset Distribution 

Estate planning involves more than just writing down who gets what. Some assets will pass through your estate, while others will not. It’s crucial to understand these distinctions when drafting your will. A knowledgeable lawyer will explain these nuances in a clear and understandable way. This not only ensures that your wishes are accurately reflected in your will but also helps you make informed decisions about your estate. 

Peace of Mind 

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of having a lawyer draft your will is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that your will is legally sound and that your estate plan is well-structured can alleviate a significant amount of stress. It also reduces the chances of disputes or legal challenges arising after your passing, helping to preserve family harmony during an already difficult and stressful time. 


At Gates Law, our experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping you create a will and estate plan that accurately reflects your wishes and safeguards your legacy. Whether you have a large or modest estate, our legal expertise can make the process smoother and more secure for you and your loved ones. Don’t leave your legacy to chance; consult a lawyer to draft a will that stands up to legal scrutiny and fulfills your desires. Contact us today!

Disclaimer: This Blog is intended to provide readers with general information. Each client’s circumstances and legal solutions might vary. For further details, please reach out to us to learn more.

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